S.N.S. OG - Three Wrongs Make a Right!

S.N.S. OG - Three Wrongs Make a Right!

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Organic Carrots, Ghost Chili, Hawaiian Chili, Datil Chili and Hawaiian Akua Chili combine to make a sauce that goes with everything from gourmet stir-fry to popcorn or twist the margarita rim in this one and be amazed. For wing lovers (carnivore or vegan style), this is a fantastic award winning sauce, assuming someday it actually wins an award!

Our flagship sauce was actually the combination of our first three utterly failed attempts at making our first sauce.  We are going for the confidence and awe inspiring opener if you can't tell...

Upon realizing that the last four hours of crafting had been for naught, I scooped up the failures and put them all in the blender just to “show them”.

From this burst of sheer unadulterated and juvenile spite was born a truly unique representation of the Hawaiian Islands and a re-affirmation of an age old adage, ‘it's always darkest before the dawn.’.  

Please enjoy the fiery orange glow of our new dawn, this is a true Original Hawaiian hot sauce and it is our hope that it helps you see through the darkness to what is truly possible, not only in your food, but in your life.  This is a bottle of Aloha, sunny weather, relentless rain and always a rainbow.  With Love and Aloha to you from us <3

Please enjoy this review (BELOW) of S.N.S. OG from hot sauce gourmand, aficionado and overall cool dude, Mr. Bill Moore.

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Ingredients:  Organic carrots, organic ghost peppers, datil peppers (from St. Augustine FL!), Hawaiian chilis and Hawaiian Akua peppers, garlic, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic juice from Hawaiian limes, filtered water, Hawaiian sea salt, and organic sugar, with a wee bit o teeth gnashing and high hopes.

Best uses and taste profile:  

Adapt with mouthwatering ease to whatever food environment you seek to enlighten, this Ninja will not run away from your fare!  With a thicker texture and citrusy burst, we feel we have crafted a sauce for all seasons, all occasions and of course, all of your imaginings.

This sauce is how we give thanks to that which comes most unexpectedly and upon further examination, has raised us up a few levels for the day.  The heat is righteous for a brief moment, much like a wave that crashes, allowing for long term consumption in the face of a slow burn.  With a light feel, an intense flavor and light citrus notes, this is truly a sauce for all occasions, seasons, situations, basically, this IS your new go to.

“SPICY NINJA CHOPS THE CHIP!” - Brandon Belmarez- OG Product Tester/Chef/technical expert/Farmer for Spicy Ninja Sauce