Properly mixed drink compiled by groovy bartenders the world over!


Copper Bar Muay Thai!

With thanks to the bartenders of the Copper Bar at the World Famous Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

2oz kai lemongrass ginger shochu

.5oz cream of coconut

Lime sour - recipe DIRECTLY below (lime/simple)

1oz lime juice

.5oz simple syrup

1.5oz pineapple juice

2 kaffir lime leaves (small)

2 dashes S.N.S. Piña Colada sauce - Hot or Mild depending on customer

Hot Piña Colada at the Mauna Kea Resort Hotel Copper Bar.


The Spicy Ninja Bloody mary

With Thanks to Curtis, Head Bartender at Sushi Rock, Hawi, Hawaii

Master Bar Tender Curtis at Sushi Rock, Hawi, Hawaii.

Tablespoon horseradish

Dash Worcestershire (what a serious word right?!?!)

Tomato juice

Shot Vodka (this is a moving target with Curtis=)

Mauna Kea Magma to taste - This hot sauce includes caffeine!

Squeeze of lemon juice, celery stock and bacon to garnish (Carnivorous or Vegan kind)

To the left you will find a pic of the world famous Curtis.  The drink you are looking at is non alcoholic surprising enough and may be found in our Drinks W/O Alcohol recipe guide as soon as I get it in there.