Tiger Claw Lee’s Smooth Groove Releases the Kraken!

Tiger Claw Lee’s Smooth Groove Releases the Kraken!

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shorty story:

Organic Soursop (it’s an odd looking fruit), organic nettle leaf, organic jasmine tea, and organic sarsaparilla are shanghaied into service with the mysterious Aji Amarillo and the chili phantasma!  This is a tonic for the body, a delight for the olfactory sense and a heat from the depths of Davy Jones Locker that will leave you feeling like the Pirate you were born to BE!

Subtle flavors make this best suited for meals where the ingredients have a more basic flavor profile.  Salads, stir fries, raw veggies, basic meats.  If you do pair with a meal that has a significant amount of spice included, use this as a side sauce.

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Organic soursop, organic jasmine tea, organic nettle leaf, filtered water, organic Hawaiian lime juice, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic aji amarillo (hot yellow peppers... from Vegas, just kidding... hahaha!), Hawaiian sea salt, and organic sarsparilla.