Raw honey Hot Shot

Raw honey Hot Shot


We chose to work with Ho’ola as they live the values they represent. In fact, Ill let them tell you:

Hoʻola Honey is pure, unheated, and harvested responsibly & sustainably from our chemical-free apiaries of rescued honey bee colonies on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. Our bees are free to forage amongst local farms and gardens of Kohala, while providing necessary pollination for a local, sustainable food system. With year-long island blooms in our community, the bees collect a variety of nectar ranging from the light yellow flowers of the Kiawe tree to Coconut Palms, Christmas Berry and Macadamia Nut blossoms. Each honey is bursting with distinct flavors and every harvest is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

This truly unique honey is then blended with Spicy Ninja Ghost peppers that have been slowly dehydrated at low temperatures so that each flake contains the heat of the Hawaiian sun and flavor that can only be grown with Aloha in the Tropics of Hawaii.

The bottles you see side by side are for comparison. On the left we have honey that has not been infused and on the right, the result of a wonderful collaboration which will literally bring health to all those who imbibe.

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