Mauna Kea Magma

Mauna Kea Magma

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Organic Beets and Organic coffee (of course Hawaiian coffee!).  Deep strong flavor with smoky notes in honor of the earth you stride upon made hot with ghost chili’s, Hawaiian chili’s and Akua chili’s.  Works well with anything that needs emboldening, such as ourselves and of course that fits right in with Bloody Mary’s for the mornings following said emboldening experiences.

Compliments anything from salads to sushi also great as a pre workout shot and perfect during negotiations for GLOBAL PEACE, or…

For Sparta!

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Ingredients:  Organic beets, organic ghost peppers, datil peppers (seeds were from St. Augustine), Hawaiian chilis, Hawaiian Akua peppers, garlic, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic Hawaiian lime juice, filtered water, Hawaiian sea salt, organic sugar, and 100% Hawaiian Coffee.

I wanted the beet.  I wanted a deep red, a maroon, a dark and turbulent color that would evoke awe in its shifting depths.  The beet added such a complexity to flavor, while allowing for the sauce to do its own rendition of “slow burn”.  

The pure Kona coffee gives such a depth of feel, a smoky, earthy, quite simply, this is our homage to this island and to the lives we lead.  Lives that are only given as they take fro the earth we stand on.  Let us always be mindful that what we have rest upon us and who we are, who we are rests upon what we eat and what eat eat comes from the land.  Let it be said and let it be known.  Give thanks to the land for it feeds you and allows you LIFE.

While the glorious Mauna Kea Mountain is best known know for snow, at one time it was the center of fire, hence the irony as it is now associated with ice. So much so, we go snowboarding, sledding and make snowmen there!

I love this land and I wish to walk into the hereafter from this place that I feebly type these words.  Aloha, give thanks and praise to the a'ina, if you don’t know what Im talking about, look it up - a’ina.  It's what allows your life.