Le Sticker

Le Sticker


What am I going to do with this... Its just a sticker.

This is a very good question, and even as I (Christopher - dude with goofy hat) ask it, I have answered it.  As a young lad I can still remember a Laurel and Hardy sticker on my wall, in fact, one of my walls was largely devoted to stickers and I am as yet unsure why or how this came to be.  

I am now humbled to have a sticker of my own.  I feel in fact that a small part of me has finally succeeded in some minor and soon to be erased from history way.  If this is to be my indelible mark on the ever changing waters of time, let it be this.  Why not, better than a Grand Jury indictment for defrauding the elderly right?

I have stickered my bathroom mirror as has Lauren.


I offer you our homage to all things good, spicy and most of all... bold.  

The courage to face your fears, however trivial they may be in another person's eyes.  This is your life, go forth and be the Spicy Ninja you wish you could be, after all, its over almost as soon as it starts, so make the most of it and Rock n' Roll!  

This is your one time in the history of that which is unwritten yet proceeds regardless.  

Never again will a person like you exist.

Never again will a person like you tread the hallowed halls of lifes' mystery. 

Even if you were cloned to the very last DNA TCAGGGACTA grouping, you would be an original.  

SO GO BE IT.  Do it for you as well as for all of us.  

Someone has to, why not you?

"...upfront there oughta be a man in black.".  Johnny Cash (Ninja).

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