God Fearing Monkeys in Bob's Disco inferno

God Fearing Monkeys in Bob's Disco inferno

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Banana, Poi (pounded Taro Root), and raw cacao blended and melded to make a Ninja sauce of truly epic proportion.  We pay tribute to the A’ina (land) and to you good friend. Keep dancing friends, as long as there is music, just keep on dancing!

The get in the picture is actually Bob.  He is why this goodness exists.


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Ingredients:  Naturally grown lime juice, ghost pepper, Poi made from naturally grown local Taro, Hawaiian Akua chili, Hawaiian chili's, organic Hawaiian lime juice, apple cider vinegar, distilled white vinegar, cast iron light toasted organic cacao, organic gulch apple bananas, Hawaiian sea salt, and mostly chill vibes.

stop before the Disco ends if you dont have to?


Why More Monkeys?!?!  I was looking for a sauce that would really represent the island by focusing on Taro.  Taro as you may or may not know is and has been a staple food source and crop on these islands since long before Captain Cook was a mast and sails on the horizon bringing mosquitoes in the bilge (Hawaii used to be mosquito free - HEAVEN!).  This food is long considered to be one of the reasons that the Hawaiians were such a powerful race of people given its extremely well rounded vitamin, mineral and protein profile.  Taro is also one of the extremely rarefied foods that no one has yet been found to be allergic to in the word!

I didn't know how the Taro was going to be worked into a sauce until I heard my very good friend Bob and he asked if I needed some limes, cacao pods and bananas….. hmmmmmmmmmm…  Bada Boom, add a couple pounds of Ghost Chilis and Hawaiian Akua peppers and a start was born.  Bob being such a groovy dude simply has to be added into the name.   

Now that we have proclaimed our obeisance to the Heat Gods, let us sing praise to the the Muse of flavor profile.  This sauce is hearty yet light, subtle yet bold and while you may think that we write this simply to fill the space with words and we actually don't have a clue what to say, you will see should you be emboldened enough to take the leap of faith.  We promise that you will find your wings and fly to heights reserved for those who are cut the edges and skirt the mundane.  This is a sauce for the ninja at heart.

The combination of Taro and Chocolate. Chocolate that started with yours truly cracking open the pod**, blended with the goodness of locally produced bananas brings out such a richness in not only texture but flavor that this sauce could be drought from the bottle, poured on Wheaties, added to Vegan Caviar (or the carnivorous version if that’s your style ;) or placed at the altars of whatever Gods you serve.  This is Spicy Ninja Sauce.

*This is “oh my” hot

**Chocolate comes in pods.  What you are actually eating when you eat a chocolate bar is the seed from INSIDE the pod that has been roasted.  We open the pods and lightly roast in cast iron, thereby emboldening the blood and then we deposit them into the potion.  This is what we call in France - Le Real Ninja S&*t!