Fiery Flakes The Ninja Shakes

Fiery Flakes The Ninja Shakes


This is where all of our work on the farm truly shines. This is unadulterated GHOST CHILI FLAKES, in their entirety. We do not separate seeds, you get it ALL.

The peppers as you know are grown in some of the finest soils on this planet. Once plucked they immediately begin their dehydrating process. We SLOWLY dehydrate these peppers at 125 degrees over two days to ensure maximum dehydration while simultaneously giving you the highest possible heat and flavor.

Enjoy this quite literally in/on everything that needs a bit of emboldening.

Suggested uses:

Coffee, ice cream, fries, Chihuahuas (no), lemonade, mixed drinks, hummus, dips, pasta, PIZZA, you get the idea right? Email for more suggestions. Suggestions are .25 cents a piece payable in non negotiable bearer bonds delivered to our off shor bank account in Upper Volta.

Aloha =]

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