The Hot Spot

Spicy Ninja hangs his hat in Hawi: an idyllic town at the end of the road on the northernmost tip of Hawaii’s Big Island. One of the youngest landscapes on the planet (when the Kilauea volcano flows, it gets younger by the minute) this is perhaps the most ecologically diverse place on our planet.

Visitors to this remote outpost are often surprised to find a sweep of verdant farm land. It climbs up gently from a stunning lava rock coastline.

The North Kohala Coastine

The North Kohala Coastine

Hawi straddles the distinct line between the wet and dry sides of the island. This often results in heavy rainfall during the night followed by clear skies and sun-drenched days. Add layers of rich, fertile volcanic soil, and these unique conditions explain the area's storied agricultural past.

Behind the laid back atmosphere in North Kohala lies a thrum of activity: farmers here are quietly growing some of the best food in the world. Our fearless leader, Christopher Bornstein, is one of them.

Christopher Bornstein: powered by potassium. 2019.

Christopher Bornstein: powered by potassium. 2019.

A larger-than-life character (with a signature shock of curls and icy blue eyes) Chris is an accidental hero in the fiery world of chili peppers. A hot sauce fanatic since his childhood in Pennsylvanian, Chris traveled extensively with the U.S. Navy and fell in love with all manner of spices from far flung Asia to the Middle East.

Many lives later, after a three-year-long North American/Mexican bicycle tour further expanding his culinary horizons, he was deposited back in North Kohala. Finally feeling a sense of grounding in the middle of the pacific ocean, his formative experience was ready to bear fruit. What started out as a whimsical attempt to make one good hot sauce, quickly became a life's quest to craft the finest array available.

Lightning In A Bottle

Our inspired recipes draw from a treasure trove of tropical joys.

From pineapple to papaya, Kona coffee to coconut, island flavors bring an exotic touch to any dish. Beyond tasting fantastic, each bottle of sauce is also a nutritional power house, jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As fierce proponents of using food as medicine, we tirelessly seek out ingredients that offer a host of other beneficial health effects.

And let's not forget about that famous heat! Beyond delivering a pleasantly piquant punch, capsaicin (the active component in chili peppers) has a scientifically proven track record for an impressive array of life-lengthening side effects. If you’re interested in heart health, lowering stress or reducing cancer risk, we encourage you to do a little research of your own: we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Capsaicin also causes your brain to release endorphins, the body’s natural way of relieving pain by temporarily blocking nerve signals. The neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for a sense of reward and pleasure, is also triggered. In essence, eating spicy food can induce a sense of euphoria similar to a “runner’s high”, or said differently, if you can handle the hot stuff you can catch a groovy psychedelic buzz!

2020. Vision.

2019 brought major changes for the Ninja clan. This summer saw the installation of a 2,600 square foot insect-proof grow house dedicated to nurturing specialty high heat peppers: Scorpion, Reaper, Chocolate Bhut and 7 Pot Primo. we also are mid stride of crop rotation and cover cropping with Buckwheat, Sunn Hemp and Legumes.

We also recently celebrated the opening of our newly minted and SOLAR POWERED commercial kitchen space in downtown Hawi. This gleaming, stainless steel clad production hub is solar powered and fueled by Aloha!

We continue to be fast friends with Island favorites, Kona Brew, while also making exciting plans for bold new flavors in collaboration with the upscale Auberge Resort at Mauna Lani (watch this space!), and some other very groovy most hush hush projects we’ll slowly unveil.

With already over 15 sauces to choose from, next year will see us continuing to expand and explore, while never losing sight of our core values:

  • Striving to do our part for sustainability, clean energy and a healthy ocean.

  • Providing the very best, highest quality bottle of hot sauce money can buy by focusing on growing superior quality organic ingredients on Spicy Ninja Farm and in tandem with other farms in Hawaii.

  • Fueling you with a most real and pure distillation of the Aloha Spirit as crafted by the Spicy Ninja Crew, the people of Kohala and all those globally whose support, friendship and advice make Spicy Ninja Sauce possible!