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FREE Ninja on the Go hot sauce to anyone who wants to translate the above for us, and "no" Google Translate isn't having it...

Spicy Ninja Lime for an Arduous day

Refreshing, electrolyte replenishing non-alcoholic drink with a bit of spice for your day!

Salt rim* with sea salt - We use sea salt as it hasn't been stripped of minerals as conventional salt has.  If its a hot day you will need most of these minerals and this is a fancy schmancy way to get them.

*One such way and an easy way to do this is to somehow get the rim wet, use your imagination drive and then twist rim on a small plate that has sea salt/salt lightly sprinkled on it.

Roughly a half cup of lime juice, preferably freshly squeezed, or if you're tricky, freshly squozen.

A few dashes of Tiger Chun Lee's Smooth Groove Releases the Kraken, or a lot depending on what your looking for.

Fresh mint

One fresh chili - this is meant to be a small one, for us its easy as we have Hawaiian chilis (A.K.A. Tabasco chili), if you are unable to find a small chili, just take a slice.

4 - 5 cups water

2 Tablespoons of Agave - if you are on a sugar restrictive diet, ensure the agave you use is RAW, if not raw it will hit your blood stream just like sugar thereby eliminating the benefit.  Feel free to swap out your favorite sweetener of simply leave the ingredient out all together!

Lastly you may add ice if you desire and if you are a strict adherent to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you probably will not.