Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease or feeding it. Is your hot sauce fighting for you?
— unknown (lots of potential candidates according to google) with the last bit added by us

This quote sums up one of the most important aspects of our vision, as it will literally become you.  All of our farmers use Organic/Natural methods at all times.  

You eat what we eat, and we eat clean.  

It is because of this truly obsessive commitment to health through quality that we feel you would weather a zombie apocalypse with aplomb, survive being deserted on a desert island for a time, successfully go for Olympic gold, build the life of your dreams or simply lounge solidly in a hammock after surfing all day with our sauces at your side.  

Maybe you aren't even able to do any of those things, and thank god on the zombie thing right?  Whatever you find yourself doing, and wherever you find yourself doing it, these sauces will help define the moments that define you!  

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