To Plastic or not to Plastic... Does Screwing the Environment Make Cents?

Why we have made the choice to not use the little dripper caps on our bottles.  A short story on economics, the human condition and the planet at large.

The woozy fitment.  A flow control device.  If you require this, you would do well to further train your ninja skills.

We had a gentleman come up to us and state, in a voice to be heard by all, that he would no longer use our hot sauce until we got the little dripper caps (exhibit A.) that Tabasco had.  He further asserted we ruined his breakfast, because too much came out, vis a vis we ruined his entire day and thats how it was going to be until we "wised up".

We took his words seriously and here is what we came up with and what we will base the future growth of our company on...  Seriously.

As a manufacturer of some of the finest hot sauces and soon to be other products, we take our carbon footprint quite seriously.  We do after all live on this planet as well as make a very groovy product.  We want the product to succeed as this will allow us to not only live potentially fuller and richer lives, while simultaneously allowing us to do more for our planet.  To help change the flow of business and economy in our own small way which hopefully will allow humans more time on this planet so that we may go do big things in the great beyond. 

Example of what Im going on about:  

The ocean becomes a barren wasteland due to tipping point factors and humans start dying off in droves (large numbers), Spicy Ninja Sauce will lose its marketshare and sales will decline.  Bad for our company on a business level as we wont have people to assist in the growing of crops, farmland will now be under the waters of an acidic ocean, consumers will be dying from all manner of disease, rioting and looting will abound, essentially not the ideal business climate for any growth model of any kind.  Oh, and it will be HORRIFIC on a Karmic level.  

We are part of the problem or part of the solution.  We choose the latter and hope you do as well.


You might not expect the chief operating officer of a major global corporation to look too far beyond either the balance sheet or the bottom line. But Harish Manwani, COO of Unilever, makes a passionate argument that doing so to include value, purpose and sustainability in top-level decision-making is not just savvy, it's the only way to run a 21st century business responsibly.


When we began thinking about the plastic drip cap and its potential effect of losing us customers we were faced with our first ethical dilemma as a company.  Surface glance has this a most petty difficulty, looking deeper into it we see that it is in fact very real with far reaching ramifications across so many boundaries that one can simply not factor them all in.

So we went simple.  Once we sell 1 MILLION bottles, what effect would having or not having the plastic dripper cap?  Apparently it was solved with a a horse.  


this is what 1,000,000 dripper caps looks like.

The Appaloosa in fact according our GOOGLE search.  Idaho's State animal as of 1975 and the most popular horse in the USA.  1 Million fitment caps equal, roughly to the weight of a fully grown Appaloosa or roughly 1100 pounds.

This made it real for us and if we wanted to, and I did, we could look up all manner of things that weight 1100 pounds to make it realer-er for you, but I only have so much time to structure a blog in a day.

This is our first step as a company.  We also only use glass bottles, the most easily recycled bottling method available.  

As we grow we are hoping to be able to use environmentally friendly plastics based on HEMP oil manufacturing and whatever other goodies come from those who push the limits of what we know to what we can be.

We do not want to be another company adding SHIT to an already vastly overburdened ocean.  For goodness sake we surf in that water!  

Not to mention we live and produce a hot sauce in the very center of the Pacific Ocean, to not pay A LOT of attention to the state of the Ocean can only lead to demise for us as a company and quite simply as people.  Are we aware or do we merely pretend at awareness?

Now, there is another angle, and this is almost finished, please do bare with me....  I purposely misspelled that.

We are Spicy NINJA Sauce.  If you come to us and say you ruined my meal because I poured out too much, I have to immediately stop you.  I am not stopping you because I mind that you are placing the responsibility of your meal upon me, BUT, two things immediately jump to mind.

1.  How can you have too much hot sauce?  And...

 2.  If you go through your day so robotically that you do not even pay attention to how you prepare the food you are going to eat, it begs the question what other INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT things are you completely missing?  I would wager that you are missing 3/4th's of that which is important.  The subtle nuance in your lover/friend/childs' voice, which if picked up upon would change your ENTIRE LIFE. Perhaps you will not see the person running into the street to grab their toddler who is making a break for it, or never glance at the ingredient list on something you thought was dairy free when you cook for your new potential boss for the "job of a lifetime".

We basically look at it this way: How much responsibility do you want to take for your own life?

When someone tells us that due to our not supplying dripper caps we ruined thier meal, what we hear is that a person has decided to let go of responsibility in a very profound and sweeping way.  

We are hoping that we can be of assistance in changing this as only when we take responsibility for all of our actions will we begin to see change that will allow our species to eek out a few more 100 thousand or so years and eventually get to the stars in such a way that we can really get into some groovy action. #livelongandprosper MuthaFu&$zzzzz!

Our job is to not only be NINJA ourselves, but we feel it is to get you on the ninja path as well.  We take every last angle into consideration and thusly you get a superior product that seeks to effect change at every level until we succeed or fail as a species.  We, Lauren and Myself, have two main goals with this company.  To make the best product at the lowest cost to the end consumer AND to ensure that what we are doing has a net positive effect in all aspects at the end of the day.  

A last bit of wisdom that we draw on constantly...

Life isn't difficult.  It's a non stop series of decisions based on whats happening right meow....  Our decision is that #Spicyninjasauce is going GREEN #AF <3

Christopher Bornstein