That Logo Tho...

We have heard it all, I digress, this is an exaggeration... We hear new things everyday about our logo.

Most recently dropped into our ear canals was a conversation which was briefly related to us by some very well to do young ladies and how their friend Rachel, a "very good" designer spent thirty minutes of their luncheon berating our logo and why it should be changed to make it more readable.

The ladies relating this little yarn and I both agreed that this is precisely the reason why we won't/shouldn't change it.  Loved or hated but never ignored!

The logo is based off the Japanese Inkan - most comprehensive term or  Hanko - for lesser documents (based on Wikipedia).

As I personally spent much of my enlistment in The United States Navy in Japan and as a child was enamored by the entire thought of Ninja's, and as Ninja is the central word, literally, in our Company name, I felt that to pay hommage (French spelling) to Japan was not only necessary, but profoundly "right".

In the sense of paying tribute I started messing around with different ideas and settled upon this design style which I then had a graphic designer acquaintance make for us in trade for some dakine =]

As you can see, or not, the logo reads from left to right, we felt that right to left, true Nihongo style would be a bit much for the average consumer, and top to bottom.

We have had some interesting comments on the logo as I mentioned earlier in the post, one of which was by some local Aunties who are quite well versed in the Hawaiian language.  Apparently if reading left to right, we have PIA INU, which loosely translate means drink beer.  Fitting I daresay.

Enjoy the logo, let your brain bathe in it like some children did some months back, using it as the kick off for a series of word puzzles they made.  This is what will represent our brand as we move forward and do our best to change the planet while bringing the very best in Hawaii to palates globally.




Christopher Bornstein