S.N.S. Farms in partnership with the Derby Farm Stand.

We plan on supplying the State of Hawaii's need for ridiculously good hot sauces and mail order from the Big Island alone.  We have a plan in the works for the rest of the world, no worries, breathe easy, take it to the bank.... you can count on that.  First of course we must learn all their is to know in the only tried and true method for human advancement and achievement: Trial and Error.

As we slowly start new farms and garner the attention of other farmers, we will hopefully be at the forefront of an organic growing revolution here on the Big Island.  Again, you are what you eat, and to not be able to eat well in a paradise like this is unconscionable.  We are making change with our hot sauce and invite you to join!


We give great thanks to Mr. J. Derby for allowing us the use of not only his land for our first endeavor at farming, Spicy Ninja Farm Zero.  This is where it began.  One day historians will look at the world and how it changed to revere farmers and perhaps, just maybe, their trail will lead them to here.

This is where we began in a big way... for you.  We currently grow 9, no, 15 or so different varieties of hot pepper here and a few 'not hot' ones that managed to slip by.  This is where we learned to be Spicy Ninja's, where we first began to learn what it is to farm organically.  

We also thank Josh as he helped with some serious equipment thereby saving our lower backs from A LOT of grief. This was our first foray into hot pepper farming and a few people in the know said it is the largest in the Great State of Hawaii!  We don't know and we must simply continue to grow.

Thanks to our good friend Vinny for Flying the Drone and making it real!



Pepper Growers - Habanero / Hawaiian Akua / Hawaiian

The twin Brothers Brad and Brandon have been a huge driving force in our company as they were/still-sometimes-are my employers through their advanced tactical full service landscaping company - Aikane Nursery.   The brothers and their respective families along with all of my co-workers are truly one of the driving forces behind Spicy Ninja Sauce as they have allowed room to err on our path while supporting our every need if in their power to do so.  Quite literally showering us with good vibes, giving pointers and ideas from sauces to slogans, and of course... supplying us with peppers!

Aikane Nursery has played such a large part in this I dare say I do not know if it would be happening without them.  I dont wish to wax poetic, and yet, credit must go to where credit is due and you dear reader are purported to have a small attention span while browsing through the web, ergo, allow me to recap: Aikane Nursery, Hawi, Hawaii, Great People, reason for us being here, hot peppers, ninja vibes, all around radness abounds.

Brandon of Aikane Nursery and one very groovy chicken.

Brother number two, or maybe number one, never can tell with twins, Brad and his family looking swell at Aikane Nursery



Spicy Ninja: J-neezy.

Aside from Lauren (CEO), Aikane and myself, she is the reason we exist.  Someday she may let me write about her, until then, here's a mug shot of a groovy lady and most legit amiga.

Currently Jess maintains the mother of all Ghost Chili plants and provides us with a constant care and supervision for your fledgling fleet of baby peppers.  As you can tell by the picture below, she is directly responsible for filling them with the awesome power of rainbows amongst other trivialities like watering, organic pest control and ensuring all baby chilis are filled to the brim with radnosity and a general sense of well being before they are sent out to the fields to begin their inexorable trip to you via the fruits of her labor.


Kris Smith Farms

Guardian of the citrus and Señorita Spicy Ninja.  A relationship building exercise.

Limes/Myers Lemons

Kris has and is a boon and sauce saver in relation to our need for the sweet organic lime juice.  She has been kind of enough to give us good conversation and the most solid quality organic limes and lemons.  


3 Keiki Farms / Cold Kona Brew

Grower of 100% Kona Coffee - Organically grown utilizing Korean Natural Farming and Ninja Moves.

The owner Wes is one of the grooviest dudes ever.  Totally into providing the highest quality for the lowest price using the most organic methods we have witnessed thus far on Island.  

This is one of those individuals who drinks in and enjoys the rarefied air of actually doing what they say they will do.  

We are honored to present this as the coffee used in our Mauna kea Magma.  In time you will be able to purchase the actual coffee as well!  



love of life farms (certified organic)

Grower of Turmeric

Here there be Turmeric

Originally started by a good friend and brother in the big game, Big Jake.  Aptly named as he is quite tall.  Not just tall, but Zombie Apocalypse team big.

With a profound love for all things bright and beautiful, one of our first interactions involved him passing to me a college text book on soil coupled with a deep and profound respect for the planet and simply being a good man, I came to look at Jake as an old friend.  

Someday he may provide a bio, for himself and his lovely lady, Sam, for now, know that they are a genuine and real couple who are always a joy to be around.  No matter how my day has gone topsy turvy, the rare occasions that I get to hang with Jake makes it right.



Micah and Autumn Barclay

Ghost chilis (yellow/red), Habaneros, Sumatran Reds, Hawaiian, and Akua

They just got added and don't even know they are here, we'll be gracious and give them time for a bio...  Who do you think will be first, Micha and Autumn or Dylan and Maggie...  Bets?

Well, until they come through with the words, which may be never, I may as well flex my keyboard on their behalf.

They are a groovy couple, but then, we only work with groovy couples.  Autumn is a sea of calm, to be near her is to feel relaxed and chill, like two drinks in at a South Beach lounge the morning after kinda calm .

Micah is not only a former Kung Fu Brother, who, despite his immense height could almost do a full split, and the side to side kind not the back front style.  Not that Im judging as I can do neither.

He is simply a very cool and grounded man who has taught me a lot about the power of faith.  He is one of the few people I can speak to and poke and prod with questions of Christianity without him ever being anything but gracious.  He has truly found salvation and I daresay I am in awe as his religious bent is rare indeed these days.  


Grace Farms/Spicy Ninja Farm 2

We are proud to call Grace farms home for our next evolution in S.N.S.  We will be doing a lot of growing, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.  Expect amazing things to come from this slice of paradise.  If you are ever in town, or would like to come specifically to visit, you are welcome to do so with advance notification.  In fact, we would love to show off what amounts to years of hard work.  We look forward to meeting you!

Aloha <3

organic farm hawaii spicy ninja sauce

Here we will grow everything that goes into making #spicyninjasauce!

Thanks to Joe Wolin and his family for allowing us the opportunity and to Master Farmer Peter Risley for paving the way!