Why do you want to read this?

It will make your saucing a bit more enjoyable and perhaps provide some new angle on an old scene for you.

Shake well before using.

We took a page from a favorite Secret Agent Super Spy, Mr. James Bond 007 for this bit of wisdom regarding your sauce.  This is handcrafted and totally legit.  Seeing as how it has been put together with the utmost care, it will separate as that is what all groovy things do.  That being said, Mr. Bond suggests that you shake, not stir, your sauce prior to each use.

Keep clean. Be NINJA.

We understand you may carry this far and wide, we simply suggest you snag an extra napkin from time to time, grip the bottle firmly around its body and then clean the uppermost portion of the bottle/lid area.  this will cut down on the gooey crusties that build up over time and will actually detract not only from flavor but from any chance you have of impressing other people when you pour for them.  If you don't care, you don't care and neither will we, this is only a suggestion.

Refrigeration is not a necessity.

While refrigeration of your sauce will enable it to keep its color and maintain a more original flavor, we have no leaning to date on whether this is better or not for your sauce.  We have found that a lack of refrigeration actually allows the sauce to grow and change with time, this may or may not be to your liking.  We don't know as we are not you.  I guess all we are trying to say here is that for the first year to year and a half, you needn't worry if you can find a fridge.  If it lasts that long.

Not just a hot sauce, a health food.

Scientists have found that in sub groups of populations that ingest x amount of hot and spicy, tend to exhibit longer USEFUL lifespans than their non-spicy counterparts.  Couple this apparently natural benefit of capsaicin with our selection of herbs and ingredients and you truly have a health food.  In fact, if faced with a prolonged stay on a desert island, we suggest you take our sauce.... Lots of it.

You have friends who don't like hot sauce yet you need them to... 

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