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Spicy Ninja Sauce, Original Hawaiian Hot Sauce - Big Island, Hawaii

Spicy Ninja Sauce is PROUD to call The Big Island of Hawaii home.  Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a sleepy yet still active volcano which is home to 11 of the 14 earth climate zones, we craft great and singularly unique hot sauces with an eclectically wild and exciting array of flavors fashioned from local ingredients that represent tropical bliss and paradise.  

Organically grown hot peppers and a host of other ingredients will be found in these artisanally crafted bottles of heat.  They are forged in volcanic soil, watered with rainbow filtered rainwater and survive all manner of conditions before making it into our bottles!  From Hurricanes and earthquakes, to droughts and insects that will keep you awake at night, all to becomes some of the finest artisan/gourmet, farm to bottle, uniquely inspired and utterly delicious hot sauces in the World!

Why are we doing this, well, we want you to have a happy belly as this is where grand ideas come from.  It is these grand ideas that we seek to foster as they potentially hold the keys to a brighter future for all.  It is our aim to actively and positively do our small part in lifting humanity beyond the confines of this planet and into the stars so we might quit squabbling over clods of dirt and seek the adventure and wisdom of the universe and deeper fundamental meanings therein.

Please read here how to properly care for and use your sauce! 


We support our community through our FARMERS, by both farming personally on our company farm and working hand in hand with those who grow for us.  In addition to putting our very best practices into our company, we donate our products and money to worthy causes locally and globally.  We recognize that sink or swim, we are all in this together.

Our aim is to change the very way you look at a bottle of hot sauce by doing all that we can, both mentally and physically, to bring you the very best business practices and artisan crafted sauces while helping you maintain a focus on your personal health and well being both internally and externally.  

The rest we shall leave in your capable hands.              

Aloha - Christopher & Lauren


So much More...

Spicy Ninja Sauce creates unique sauces for all occasions.  In the world of hot sauces and spicy products we seek to craft works of art that you can take a swig of during your workouts for a boost, delicately add to the finest of cuisines, or be brash and drink from the bottle! 

The list of uses is limited only by your imagination (within reason of course, the eyes would be a bad place to experiment for instance) and we would love for you to share your experiences with us for possible inclusion in our RECIPE section, if you can be bothered to do so of course.  

Feel enlivened every time you twist off your cap of sun drenched Aloha, after all, this isn't just hot sauce.  Spicy Ninja Sauce is here to either save the day if things are going downhill fast, OR make your day as big as your dreams!


The molecular structure of that which makes the wheels on this buggy go round and round...  Capsiacin.

Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease or feeding it. Is your hot sauce fighting for you?
— unknown (lots of potential candidates according to google) with the last bit added by us

This quote sums up one of the most important aspects of our vision, as it will literally become you.  All of our farmers use Organic/Natural methods at all times.  

You eat what we eat, and we eat clean.  

It is because of this truly obsessive commitment to health through quality that we feel you would weather a zombie apocalypse with aplomb, survive being deserted on a desert island for a time, successfully go for Olympic gold, build the life of your dreams or simply lounge solidly in a hammock after surfing all day with our sauces at your side.  

Maybe you aren't even able to do any of those things, and thank god on the zombie thing right?  Whatever you find yourself doing, and wherever you find yourself doing it, these sauces will help define the moments that define you!  

Click the links below to learn about the ingredients we use: