You are what you eat!

Hot Sauce, the reason you're here on this planet, starts with seeds.

These seeds then rely on farmers and even more importantly, quality soil so they may grow to be the most vibrant, healthy ingredients for your sauce.  From scoville scorching heat, to mineral content and vitamin density, how the ingredients are grown makes all the difference.

Utmost value is placed on being farmers, and in having close personal ties to local farmers and partners here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This is the inside of a banana stalk, we felt you should see this.

Our joy is the literal growing of your hot-sauce and this company from the most fertile volcanic soil of Hawaii.  What better place to craft a hot sauce, then an Island forged from molten rock!

Our aim and dedication is for you to become a physically and mentally better person as a result of using our sauces, concoctions and blends.  To look upon the world around with the vigor and the wherewithal to make change.  In your day, in your weeks and months, in the moments you make your life. Taking the chance to make a positive mark on the ever changing fabric of time in our universe.  To simply be Ninja.

All of our peppers, fruits and vegetables used in our sauces are Organically grown as this is best for the planet and of course, for us.

All of our creations come totally and unreservedly ready from our farmers and kitchen for the most demanding Gourmands and Olympic athletes to the parents giving their all so our future has the best chance to make the universe proud of the human experiment.  

All of our sauces are VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE and FREE range.  A few use COCONUT.

We do this because we want everyone to be able to enjoy them with zero thought.  

We are the droids you’re looking for.  

All of our sauces are generous, but not all of them are kind.

We seek the finest blends and balances in all of our sauces so that you may have "once in a lifetime" experiences each and every time you open one of our bottles. We understand that while a great logo goes a long way, what truly matters is in the bottle. But hot damn if that logo isn't mighty catchy.  If you haven't figured it out... hint... read down.

Standards for crafting the sauces are based upon two primary factors, what is good for the planet and what is good for the human eating this.  Our Sauces are created at the junction of these two ideals to the very best of our ability..

No planet, No peppers, please keep it real and so will we.

Who is Responsible for Spicy Ninja Sauce?!?!

Lauren McKinley - CEO/CoFounder/Ninja

Lauren, a surfboard, warm Pacific Ocean and an Original Hawaiian Hot Sauce - #tooblessedtobestressed!

Lauren is currently collecting rare species of peppers on the outer rings of Saturn for use in a sauce and will write her bit for here on the return voyage!

I'm leaving that there until she writes her bio...

She has yet to write her bio, so, Ill do my best.

Lauren is one of the kindest most groovy people I have had the good fortune to meet in my entire lifetime and I write this with zero exaggeration.  Anything more than that will have to come from her=]

This lady kicks ass and she is the reason why we exist.  Well, she and LBK (Little Black Kitty).  Two ladies are responsible for our success.  LBK was . former KGB operative and used her training in coordination with her feline graces to help us navigate the world of business as we are as clueless as she was ruthless.  

Little Black Kitty KGB warm ups

LBK was laid to rest in Mid May and we can only assume she continues to monitor our progress from afar, ensuring that we never stray too far from the path of learning the business of Spice and how to be real and epic people in a world that is perhaps, ahem, just a wee little bit mad? 


We miss you LBK <3


Christopher Bornstein - Not the CEO/CoFounder/Would Be Ninja*

A mildly hung over man attempting to look regal in a cloth chili hat.  Le sigh...

It's not often you can find a guy who can make a cloth chili pepper hat look good.

I am not that guy and have no illusions about it.  

I love spice.  I love it in my food, I love it in my days, I seek it where and when I am able and am always on the look out for new sauces and ways to enliven a dish.

This began at an early age.  Being easily addicted to things, I first found myself addicted to the rush of dopamine and endorphins from hot sauce at around age 11.  

At age 16 I had a job at "Some Like it Hot", a kiosk at our local mall which I doubt exists any longer.  Im glad it did.

The Navy would see a dramatic rise in my heat intake as the food, bless the cooks hearts, well, I was enlisted in the navy, what did I expect with the food right? 

I ate about as much hot sauce as I did food for my four year enlistment (Tabasco/Cholula - Mahalo for keeping me alive and well) and as I was constantly traversing Asia via an aircraft carrier I began to really dig into spices and all things spicy from Japan to Dubai.  

What I look forward to beyond death, taxes and learning to deal with sand running out of my hourglass:

I hope to be alive to see the day when we as a species move beyond the silliness of what we currently have going on. Trading blows for patches of land seems like such a waste of time when we have an entire galaxy, a whole universe out there simply waiting for us to shift gears and explore it!  I want a speeder bike (ref: Star Wars) by God!

When I die, I want to go having lived fully.  I'd also like "Wagon Wheel" as portrayed by 'Old Crow Medicine Show' playing... What can I say, I don't get it either, but there it is, and I'll do everything in my power to ensure future generations can have the same ability to be odd for no reason.

That line in "Braveheart" sums it up best, "every man dies, not every man lives.".  If I have done one thing well, I personally believe it is to have tried my very best to live.  We all know this isn't easy as people will always have this or that reason why you should do this and that! 

chris and lauren spicy ninja sauce

Well, to hell with all that.  I once heard from a gentleman I very much looked up to named Grahame MacKenzie, my boss during a brief stint as a lifeguard in a waterpark in Ballarat, Australia, that your word and your reputation you get to take to the hereafter and by God he would protect those to things with all his might as that is all that mattered in the course of human endeavors.  I believe he was onto something and I to protect these things by being openly transparent and conscious of the words that leave my mouth even when Im hotter than a pepper sprout.  On my dying day, my life will flash before my eyes and God or no, I will judge MYSELF and will hold MYSELF accountable for the life I have lived.

In that final moment I will find the peace of an honest man, or the remorse of a man who has not taken responsibility and led himself astray.   Live a good life, die and honorable death.  For Sparta!

A lot of the man I am today has been brought out by that lady who is collecting peppers near Saturn. Im thankful as can be for finding a partner who simply loves me for who I am.  It is through her that this is possible.  I am my own man to be sure, but I am also smart enough to see the changes that have happened in my life since meeting her and, well, here we are aren't we.  Thank you Miss McKinley, I hope someday your not busy long enough to read this as I love you so dearly and cannot thank you enough for the joy you have brought into my life.

Mahalo / Aloha / Peace / Love / Rock n' Roll <3

*Doesnt everyone want to be a NINJA?